The Trio Club has three separate rooms for private parties and events. All rooms are decked out in top-tier decor and amenities perfect for hosting guests and impressing friends. Each room is heavily sound proofed, and provides separation from the rest of the club. There are wonderful dance floors, excellent lighting and sound systems, and perfect ambience features to ensure your party or event creates a night to remember!



The black room at Trio Club is the perfect room for a private party or event. The black room holds 450 people and it is decked out with the finest in lighting equipment, sound  system amenities, and vibrant decor.


The black room's illuminated dance floor is an immediate eye catcher, and it is coupled with an anti-room that contains full Oregon Poker. It is the perfect match for any party or event! View more photos of the Black Room below.



The gold room at Trio Club is a gorgeous little room that is well set up for smaller parties and private events. The gold room holds up to 40 people and has the finest in amenities and design.


The lighting in the gold room is top-notch, and it contains the finest in sound design and technology as well as a private dance florr and karaoke setup.


Smaller groups should consider Trio's gold room for their next event. It will create memories that will last a lifetime!



The beautiful white room at Trio Club is a gem of the Portland community and a top spot for private parties and events. The white room boasts a private entrance behind Trio's waterfall and utilizes double pane noise cancelling glass with argon gas between each pane for an optimal sound buffer from the rest of the club.


Groups can sing their hearts out or dance like crazy while enjoying a top level of privacy and comfort. Groups can watch what is going on outside their room, but none of that noise enters the room or gets out. This is the perfect room for parties and private events of all sorts. The white room holds up to 125 people. See more pictures of Trio's white room below.